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Animals make great models. Several years ago I did a series of drawings of my Wheaton Terrier, Willie. I framed one of those drawings and hung it on the wall in my kitchen. Willy passed away a few years ago, but I remember that sweet dog every time I see that drawing. I found a fledgling bird on my steps one morning. I did a couple of drawings then left it alone. When I came back it was gone. The hens in this gallery were very upset because the local fox had eaten two of their friends the night before. I tried to capture their frenetic energy. I was staying at a wonderful little hotel in Oaxaca, Mexico and got to know the resident parrots. They seemed to enjoy posing – or maybe they just liked the attention and the sound of my voice. One of those drawings is in this gallery.

Fledgling Catbird #1
Fledgling Catbird #2
Found On Terrace